Working Together

To discover if we are the right match for one another, please take the opportunity to schedule a quick free conversation. I am more than happy to hear about what you are specifically looking for and to share what working together could look like for you. If it doesn’t feel right or if I think of someone who would be a better match, I will refer you or provide other resources that may speak to you. I so genuinely want to help you get to where you want to go. There is always always an opportunity from which to  learn, grow and move forward toward more fulfillment.

  • Uncover what keeps you from being your healthiest, happiest and fullest self.
  • Learn to trust your body and it’s appetite.
  • Build a completely satisfying and nourishing relationship with food and body.
  • Discover what inspires you to enjoy optimal health.
  • Use this experience to genuinely commit to yourself in a peaceful, loving way.
  • Understand that as you allow yourself to become more of who you are authentically meant to be, your body will shift toward what it is meant to be.
  • Eat intuitively, with pleasure and awareness, not with willpower, force and guilt.
  • No longer feel out of control with food or your body.
  • Experience what it feels like to be fully embodied.
  • Genuinely love your body as it is today (trust me here), while working on fulfilling its highest potential.
  • STOP feeling not enough or the need to be fixed! Genuinely.

One-on-one Coaching

Working in an intimate, one-on-one coaching setting is the most personal way to dive deep into your unique food challenges. Together we explore your story and experiment with tools and strategies such as: ways to improve food quality that satisfy and create pleasure in eating (I LOVE food btw); how to listen to stressed eating and realize how it is really affecting your health; implementing simple macronutrient balance in a way that works for you; understanding and implementing an eating rhythm in your unique day-to-day, and awareness around food behavior and body image that have an enormous impact on your potential to create a more authentic life for yourself. There are so many unique influences depending on your individual life story that will greatly influence your metabolism, overall health and happiness in your body and in your life.

Small Group Coaching

There are a TON of benefits to working in a small group coaching environment. You have the beautiful opportunity to be a part of someone else’s process, to learn from their experiences and to connect with a like-minded people who you just might grow with more than you can imagine on this journey. Much of the information is similar to one-on-one coaching but you will be holding space for others and counting on them for you as well. Sessions are a bit longer and although you aren’t getting one-on-one attention, the conversation goes deep and the impact is life changing. Small groups range from 4-6 people.

Custom Talks and Retreats for your Organization, School or Group

If you have an idea on where this conversation can make an impact, let’s create something that is specific to your needs. The more our community is speaking to these issues and trends in our culture, the more impact we can have on making genuine, larger change. If every person were feeling joy and a powerful confidence on the inside, living in a healthy lifestyle that is right for them and creating to their fullest potential…Wow!! Who knows what would happen. Get in touch and let’s start creating and sharing this work together.

There endless ways we can work together! Feel free to share your ideas (or to just cheer me on). I am so turned up by this conversation and the freedom we are creating and lives we are changing. Keep checking in to see what’s new. If you are interested and not ready to work together right now, feel free to share your email address below and I will keep you posted with happenings or invite you to join the conversation in my Facebook group coming soon.